4x4 Bus Conversion

So, you’ve just leased your next bus and want to make some conversions to this new addition to your vehicle inventory, for you and your friends and family to explore even more parts of this beautiful state of Colorado. When you want to up your buses capabilities, a 4x4 bus conversion is a great place to start, especially if you want to travel the mountains and explore the vast beauty of the Rocky’s and beyond.

For off-road commuting, your normal buses capabilities might make that venture harder to do and can cause some damage to your newly leased bus. At Cornerstone Bus Leasing & Rentals, we can help convert your bus into a 4x4 off-roading machine.

Commercial Use

These conversions aren’t just for the weekend explorer though. Colorado winters can be harsh and ensuring that you and your commercial vehicle are prepared is vital. We know just how much your company depends on successfully transferring people from one place to another, even in some of the harshest Colorado winter storms. That is why we have created one of the best process for converting buses to have 4x4 capabilities. Through our years of experience, we have developed 4x4 bus conversions designed for the end user, and their passengers, in mind, which includes:

  1. Exceptional durability
  2. Increased passenger safety, in the harshest of conditions
  3. Ease of use, servicing and repair
  4. Easy to find parts

4x4 bus conversions are incredibly versatile as well. Not looking to transfer people across rough terrain or poor weather conditions? Cargo configurations are a great alternative, rather than trying to fit all of your items around the clutter of bus seats. Transfer more cargo further and more safely with a cargo configuration and get all of your belongings, and you, safely to your destination.

As you look to convert your personal, commercial or fleet of buses to have 4x4 capabilities, think how important it is to ensure passenger and cargo safety. At Cornerstone Bus Leasing and Rentals, safety is our top priority and we leave no stone unturned during the conversion process. Email or call us today at 844-4YOURBUS for a free consultation to assess your needs and how a 4x4 bus conversion can help you!