7 Things to Ask Before You Rent a Bus

February, 26 2018

A time may come when you need a larger vehicle to transport friends or family to a major event. Even if you own an SUV that accommodates some of those people, you may need to transport a large group together for ease and convenience.


It's possible to rent a bus through the right rental service. Those who live in the Rocky Mountain West may want to consider Cornerstone Bus Leasing and Rentals as your main source. We've become a leader in bus rentals for over 22 years.…

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Congratulations to our Q1 Employee of the Quarter – Kurt Green

February, 06 2018

At Davey Coach Sales, we don’t just sell, rent, lease, or wrap buses. We are a company of people, and recognize the hard work that goes into every day. Our dealership is a happening place! However, it's not because of our inventory; we are who we are because we have the best working for us.

Our Employee of the Quarter

Kurt Green is our Production Foreman with Big Picture Graphics, a subdivision of Davey Coach Sales, and was awarded Employee of the Quarter for Q1. Chris…

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Mini Bus vs. Charter Buses — Your Guide in Choosing When Renting

January, 17 2018

You’re planning a trip for a group of people, and wondering if you should charter a mini bus or a charter bus/motor coach. Which one is best for your group depends on several factors, as each type of vehicle offers different features and benefits. Understanding the differences between motor coaches and mini buses can help guide you when planning your next trip.

Motor coaches: A motor coach typically transports multiple passengers over long distances. They are comprised of a passenger…

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Short, Long-Term, and Seasonal Bus Leasing

December, 18 2017

Cornerstone Bus Leasing & Rentals is the foremost bus rental company in the country. Our transportation options include capacity and seating options, luggage, seasonal, passenger accessibility, entertainment, handicap accessibility, and more. We are proud to offer buses, shuttles, coaches, and paratransit vehicles for lease or rent. With such a large variety of vehicles in stock, we have just what you need, whether you are transporting a small group of just five passengers, or a large group…

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Safe & Responsible Bus Driving

November, 15 2017

One aspect of safe and responsible bus driving is communication, specifically communicating with other drivers on the road. In order to safely communicate with other drivers, you will need to use the tools available to you, such as turn signals, headlights, and hazards, to alert drivers sharing the road that you plan to make a move or change course. It is important to understand the tools and signals available to use, so that you can not only use your vehicle’s tools correctly, but also…

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Top 5 Games to Play on Your Next Road Trip

October, 19 2017

When you take your family on the road, especially if your road trip is extensive, being prepared with games to keep your passengers occupied is a must. Here are the top five games to play on your next road trip:

The Alphabet Game. Everyone knows how to play this classic. Using road signs, players must go through the alphabet in order, picking letters out of words you can see from the car. Some people play where you can use license plate letters, but we think that is a bit too easy. The double…

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