Safe & Responsible Bus Driving

November, 15 2017

One aspect of safe and responsible bus driving is communication, specifically communicating with other drivers on the road. In order to safely communicate with other drivers, you will need to use the tools available to you, such as turn signals, headlights, and hazards, to alert drivers sharing the road that you plan to make a move or change course. It is important to understand the tools and signals available to use, so that you can not only use your vehicle’s tools correctly, but also…

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Top 5 Games to Play on Your Next Road Trip

October, 19 2017

When you take your family on the road, especially if your road trip is extensive, being prepared with games to keep your passengers occupied is a must. Here are the top five games to play on your next road trip:

The Alphabet Game. Everyone knows how to play this classic. Using road signs, players must go through the alphabet in order, picking letters out of words you can see from the car. Some people play where you can use license plate letters, but we think that is a bit too easy. The double…

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Planning a Bus Rental for Your Wedding

September, 11 2017

Wedding planning is a complex process, filled with a myriad of minute details to cover, so transportation may not be initially at the top of your list, but whether it’s a luxury bus rental to get you and your guests from the wedding ceremony to the reception, or a classic limo ride for two, most couples require some sort of transportation during their wedding.

While the transportation aspect of your special day may not seem as important as finding the perfect dress or making sure…

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Renting a Party Bus vs. A Limo

August, 16 2017

While the traditional limo is a popular choice to rent for outings and events, the party bus option is becoming much more favorable for a number of reasons. The first reason is comfort. The ability to move unencumbered in a party bus makes it a great choice over a limo. Limos offer limited room to stand and maneuver. Additionally, those passengers with long dresses often find it difficult to enter and exit a limo. With a bus, entering and exiting is as easy as moving into or out of another room.…

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5 Summer Tours to Take Renting a Bus in Colorado

July, 26 2017

Colorado is famous for its Rocky Mountains and breathtaking views, but you’d be surprised at how many other day trips you can take using a bus rental in and around Denver. Here are some great ideas you may consider the next time you decide to visit the Mile High City.

Garden of the Gods: Garden of the Gods Park is a registered National Natural Landmark. with 300' towering sandstone rock formations against a backdrop of snow-capped Pikes Peak and brilliant blue skies, and a world class Visitor & Nature Center, is the most visited attraction in the Colorado Springs area.

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Positive Environmental Impacts of Renting a Bus

July, 14 2017

Convenience, safety, and affordability are some of the reasons to rent a bus, but there is another good reason for renting a bus; the positive environmental impact. According to the Department of Energy, motor coaches emit significantly less carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide than airplanes, trains, and passenger cars (source).

As travelers utilize bus transportation over personal vehicle transportation, the number of cars on the road is decreased, meaning less emissions are introduced…

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