Renting a shuttle bus or minibus has many advantages. Some of these are being able to share in a variety of events together with friends and family. Here are some popular events to utilize renting a bus.


The only way better than attending these shows is attending these shows with your friends and family. As the summer music festivals heat up, renting a bus to get all your posse there together is a perfect solution. Offering a range from 10 – 15 passengers (no Commercial Driver’s License needed) to 35 passengers (CDL licensed driver), Cornerstone Bus Leasing and Rentals can provide plenty of capacity options for your next concert event.

Sporting Events

This may have a double application. Of course, you’re all thinking about piling into a shuttle bus to share the cost of parking and ease the stress from traffic to the next home game, but something we see in addition to fans travelling together to see their favorite team play, is the need for teams to travel together. That’s right, with the rise in youth leagues in almost every sport you can think of, the need to cut down on travel expense may just be to ride as a team in a minibus or shuttle to your next tournament. Whether it’s for your school or your club team, nothing shows team unity like traveling safely and together to that next big game.

5 Events Perfect for Renting a Shuttle Bus

Religious Group Events

With such a variety of religious group events in need of transportation, renting a bus seems like a perfect fit. Some events include Mission Trips, Youth Groups, Retreats, Fundraising and Bar or Bat Mitzvahs, to name a few. We offer a variety of vehicles to meet practically every institution’s needs or event.


Besides the obvious, ‘“book well in advanced” advice’, many wedding plans don’t consider thinking beyond the Limo. Most wedding parties are responsible for covering their own travel to the event site, but offering your attendants a ride can really add a great touch of detail. In addition, this will help avoid leaving any guests stranded by having access to your own shuttles and running them on your own schedules.

Family Reunions

Bringing families together from near and far, reunions are special events that bus rentals are tailored made to fulfill. Aside from being able to share endless fun and stories along the journey, bus rentals are also great ways to make the most of gas and time efficiency. By carpooling, you end up saving money on gas, as well as helping the environment. As for making sure that all members of your family show up on time to the reunion, traveling together in a shuttle bus rental is a great solution.

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