Churches are always looking for innovative ways to connect with the community and expand the family of believers in every town. Whether it’s used for transportation, storage, trips, or advertising, here are five ways your church will serve the community and enjoy leasing a bus. 

5 Ways Your Church Benefits from Leasing a Bus


One of the most popular ways to attract new members is by branding the church around town and soliciting the mission of the congregation. Whether your church sends out flyers or puts up signs, branding creates recognition and can lead to an invitation. Leasing a bus for your church allows the flexibility of advertising on the side of the vehicle as another way to make a lasting impression, remind the community about the church, and invite people to check out a service. 


As the national average of church attendance continues to decline, leasing a bus could be a great way to offer a pickup service to those who want to attend church, but cannot make it due to lack of transportation. Just like a school bus picks up kids, the church bus is a great opportunity to connect with the community, provide a service, and get people in the doors to hear the good news. 


A lot of churches use buses to take members of the congregation on trips to serve the community and beyond. Leasing a shuttle bus allows for the opportunity to organize church bus trips every season, which helps to complete service projects, transport large groups of people and coordinate community outreach all year long. Leasing a bus for the church allows for more trips to be taken, and less hassle in renting a bus for every different trip.

Community Service Projects

Between mission trips, day trips, and community outreach projects, leasing a bus for your church is a great opportunity to expand the nature of the congregation’s projects. Collecting and delivering food, clothing, and household items with the use of the bus. One of the most popular community outreach projects is providing goods to those who need them. Leasing a bus for the church opens up innovative opportunities to connect with your neighbors and those in the community. 


An unconventional, but still beneficial use of a bus lease for the church is the added storage. Whether groups are taking trips, service projects are delivering food, or it’s more convenient to keep the signs inside a vehicle, leasing a bus for the church is a great way to create extra storage and space for all things church-related. 

Leasing a bus is easy to do and Cornerstone makes the process seamless. We can provide opportunities and benefits to every church group and the surrounding communities when you work with us to get the most out of leasing a bus. Learn more about how a bus lease could help your church reach more people and encourage better relationships and outreach.