A time may come when you need a larger vehicle to transport friends or family to a major event. Even if you own an SUV that accommodates some of those people, you may need to transport a large group together for ease and convenience.

7 Things to Ask Before You Rent a Bus


It's possible to rent a bus through the right rental service. Those who live in the Rocky Mountain West may want to consider Cornerstone Bus Leasing and Rentals as your main source. We've become a leader in bus rentals for over 22 years. If you research other companies, here are some questions you’ll want to ask.

1. How Long Have You Been Around?

A bus rental service with at least a decade of experience is generally a good place to start. The more years they have, the more reputable they usually are. It is essential to find a rental agency with a longstanding track record, experience in the rental industry, and a solid reputation.

2. Can I Inspect the Buses Before Renting?

Always inspect the bus you want to rent before you take it on the road. An honest rental agency will be transparent about all the details you need to consider for your journey. You want the bus to run well and look good on the exterior and interior.

3. How Often Do You Maintain the Bus?

Asking this simple question can give you a lot of answers to the bus rental's reputation. Safety inspections are already a requirement through U.S. Department of Transportation and state law. If the rental company isn't keeping up a regular schedule of maintenance and repair, move on. Don't rent at a cheaper price, while sacrificing safety and security.

4. Do You Have Insurance?

Within all the other complex questions, you may forget to ask if they're insured for accidents. They should have liability insurance that can cover potential damages. To ensure that the information you are receiving is accurate, ask to see their insurance certificate.

5. Can You Accommodate Those with Handicaps?

Every bus rental service should provide buses equipped for wheelchair access or other special needs. Asking this at the time of your rental agreement allows you to ensure that the bus you get is one that meets industry standards and requirements for handicap accessible vehicles.

6. What Amenities Do You Have in the Bus?

In the event that you'll be taking a long road trip, consider amenities that will make your experience more comfortable. Some modern features like WiFi capability and a TV are usually available.

Interested to see some of the amenities offered by Cornerstone? Click here to learn more about what is available.

7. What Are Your Policies for Refunds or Cancellations?

At the last minute, you may need to cancel your bus rental. Will the agency charge a fee for a cancellation? What is their refund policy?

Visit us at Cornerstone Bus Rentals. We’ll be happy to learn about your needs, and answer all your questions about the quality buses we lease and rent.