Bus rentals are the most comfortable travel option for all your cross-country transportation. Heading West for a scenic vacation is easy with a bus rental, which allows for comfort and storage, a greater carrying capacity than the traditional minivan, and all-inclusive interaction with the entire family. These Best of the West travel destinations are perfect for a family reunion or trip. 

6 Trips That Are Perfect for a Bus

Cheyenne, Wyoming

This Victorian style town is full of charm and history. As you drive in and take a stroll down Main Street, you can’t help but take in the row of red brick buildings and cowboy town beginnings, dating back to 1867. Cheyenne’s established culture and recreation make this first western destination a great spot for fishing, hiking, and biking. Visit the “Beaches of Cheyenne,” located along Sloan’s lake for some of the best fishing, canoeing, and paddle boat adventures in the west. If you find yourself in town in late July, you’ll learn why Cheyenne Frontier Days Rodeo and Concert series is the “Daddy of ‘em all”. The outdoor rodeo is the largest in the nation and a tradition that most locals pride themselves on. Cheyenne has plenty of hotels and campsites to spend the night. 

Yellowstone National Park

The 3,500 square mile of wilderness is located in the northwestern part of Wyoming and spreads land in parts of Idaho and Montana. Featuring deep canyons, alpine rivers, hot springs, lush forests and hundreds of geysers, Yellowstone was the nation’s first National Park. Established in 1872 by President Ulysses S. Grant, Yellowstone is most famously known for the geyser, Old Faithful, and home to hundreds of animal and insect species. 

Hot Springs, South Dakota

Just four hours from Cheyenne, Hot Springs, South Dakota is full of freshwater, naturally heated swimming holes that draw the attention of visitors and locals alike. The drive makes its way through Nebraska, passing historical wagon trail landmarks like Scott’s Bluff National Monument and Chimney Rock. As you enter Hot Springs, keep an eye out for Evan’s Plunge, one of the town’s most popular hot springs. Evan’s Plunge has freshwater, naturally heated pools as well as water slides and family activities, making it a fun stop for every member of the family. 

Mount Rushmore 

In the Black Hills Region of South Dakota, Mount Rushmore is a mountain with intricate sculptures carved into the back of it. Completed between 1927 and 1941, the memorial features 60-foot high granite statues of U.S. Presidents George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln. An interactive museum also offers various historical facts and exhibits. On your way to Mt. Rushmore, you’ll pass through Wind Cave National Park and Custer State Park. Expect an excited bus when you come across herds of buffalo and the world’s largest sculpture, Crazy Horse. The memorial, which is over 60 years in the making, honors the culture, living heritage and tradition of the North American Indians. 

Devils Tower

Upon leaving Mt. Rushmore, your bus will find its way through Deadwood - an entire town that has been designated as a protected historical national landmark. This Victorian town is home to the Old Franklin Hotel and the burial sites of Wild Bill Hickok and Calamity Jane. As you continue your drive, you’ll pass through breathtaking views of Spearfish Canyon before making it to Devils Tower. Established in 1906 as the first National Monument by President Theodore Roosevelt, Devils Tower entices visitors to explore and climb the intrusion, located in the Bear Lodge Mountains. 

Rocky Mountain National Park

Take a trip down to Estes Park, Colorado or Grand Lake, Colorado, and make your way through Rocky Mountain National Park. The 52-mile drive through the park will take your bus across Trail Ridge Road, the nation’s highest-altitude highway in any National Park. This highway in the sky is full of breathtaking views of Longs Peak, and other 12,000 to 13,000-foot mountain peaks. Elk and Moose are some of the most popular protected species in RMNP, making the windy travel through the park, an exciting animal discovery for your entire bus crew. 

The best of the west travel destinations are some of the nation’s greatest historical landmarks of the entire western region. Whether you’re looking for a quick weekend getaway, or an extended summer vacation, traveling through the Western United States is done best in a bus rental. You can travel by the assurance of knowing where your belongings will be stored, and that every traveler will be comfortable throughout your road trip adventure.