Guys drinking beer

Everyone needs a good day out, free of daily responsibilities, kids, chores and the hectic schedule of the day-to-day routine. With summer just around the corner, there’s no better time to organize a guy’s day out. Keep the good times rolling and ensure that everyone stays together and has a good time responsibly with a bus rental for your group outing.

What Type of Group Outing by Bus Can You Plan?

Whether you’re looking to take a group of guys hiking, biking, golfing or fishing, a charter bus rental is a surprisingly affordable option for getting everyone to the same place safely and together. Shuttle buses provide exceptional comfort throughout travel with individual seats, open leg and head space, and spacious walkways for easy movement throughout the cabin. Besides various comfort features, optimal storage ensures easy travel with everything tucked away in a space that does not conflict with comfort. 

How Shuttles Buses Can Make a Guy’s Day Out Even Better

Shuttle buses can transport anywhere from ten to 30 people. From comfort to storage and everything between, bus rentals can be customized to accommodate any type of group. Choose the size of your seats, the upholstery, the lighting, the space and the storage features to create a travel option that is perfect for your group outing. Whether you need space and racks for bikes or golf equipment, or simply just some overhead storage for backpacks and snacks, customizing your shuttle bus is the only way to travel comfortably with a large group. 

The best part of a guy’s day out is doing activities as a group. With a bus rental, group activities can be as small as traveling together and engaging in conversation. When you carpool, your group becomes broken up, and the relationships that are cultivated and developed, are specific to which car a person rides in. That sense of community is so much more tight-knit with a bus rental, because everyone is a part of the same conversations, activities, experiences and fun together. 

Create lasting memories, and enjoy a guy’s day out with the comfort, ease and collaborative features that only come from a bus rental. You’re sure to get some R&R and build greater community among your group of guys when you consider a group outing by bus.