Limo bus

Whether it’s celebrating a birthday, bachelor and bachelorette parties, or looking for a fun new way to enjoy a night out on the town, limousines, stretch hummers and limo buses are the luxurious way to ride in style to any destination. Many limo buses are designed for general use with a driver who’s just being paid to drive you around; they’re not invested in the experience like someone partying with you.

A birthday party, wedding party or a random group of people can all enjoy the same experience with the same bells and whistles of a limo bus and drive it themselves. Why settle for an experience that’s mediocre? Create your own party experience and design your celebration around the customizable features of a shuttle.

Why You Need a Shuttle Instead of a Limo Bus

Shuttles have long been thought of as the short transportation vehicles that bring you from the parking lot to a ski lift, or the parking lot to the airport terminals. What you may not know is that shuttles have become the innovative mode of transporting large groups with incorporated entertainment and comfortable passenger space. Whether you’re celebrating with a group of ten, or a group of thirty, you can be sure that a shuttle rental will make your party a night to remember. 

Customizing a shuttle for your party crew is easy. You can personalize everything from size to the material to storage space. From high school prom-goers to shower singers headed to their favorite concert, every group is different with various styles and needs. A shuttle is the most affordable way to get everything and more out of your luxury transportation.

Operating a shuttle is different from operating a limo bus. With a limo, you rent the vehicle and the driver for the entire evening. The same option is available with a shuttle bus, but an extra option is to have a member of your group do the driving. Driving the shuttle is not for everybody, and we recommend considering your group’s activities before opting out of a driver, but options are just another way to customize your party shuttle experience. 

One of the biggest perks of renting a shuttle is that anybody can drive it. This means you don’t have to hire a driver to ensure you get to and from. This also saves you a significant cost, because you often have to hire a driver with a limo bus that includes a block of time, such as four hours. This raises the cost of the experience out of the price range of many consumers, forcing them to look elsewhere for a night on the town. With a customized shuttle, the only cost out of pocket is for the rental and you take care of the driving.

Before renting a limousine for your next prom or party venture, remember the custom features that you can hand pick in a shuttle bus for every occasion. Every celebration is different, shouldn’t your transportation experience be catered to yours? Shuttle buses are the solution to personalizing your party, coming and going as you please, and leaving everyone feeling excited about their unique experience.