If you’re a business owner, a corporate event planner, or just in charge of managing your company’s event, you know there’s a lot that goes into making that event successful. One of the aspects you may not think about is one of the most basic: transportation. Ensuring your guests have convenient and reliable transportation is the first step in hosting a successful event.

Ground transportation for conferences and investor meetings, to company parties and PR shoots, planning needs to include renting a bus or shuttle. Understanding the unique challenges of transportation planning, the coordinator must prepare an event manifest, book the reservations and confirm all the details with the rental company prior to the event.

Among the myriad of details to keep in mind, what vehicle options to request is among the highest. The event planner must keep in mind every option to consider from what type of van, limo or shuttle to how to configure the seating in these vehicles. Four categories to consider when seeking a rental company are:

  1. Experienced and Reliable
  2. Dedicated Customer Support
  3. Responsive Team
  4. Vehicle Customization

Many corporate planners will tell you that last minute and/or multiple changes almost routinely come up. Knowing your bus rental company will go that extra mile and are willing to do whatever it takes to enable the event to go off without a snag is invaluable.

Working with a transportation rental company that has impeccable customer service, inventory to meet every corporate event request, and can take all the worry out of bus and shuttle rentals is vital to a successful event. Contact Cornerstone Bus Leasing and Rentals for more information about our different vehicles, sizes, options, and availability. Call us at (303) 683-3551 or (844) 4YOURBUS (844-496-8728), or email us at info@cornerstonebusleasing.com, and let us set help you on your next corporate event!