Convenience, safety, and affordability are some of the reasons to rent a bus, but there is another good reason for renting a bus; the positive environmental impact. According to the Department of Energy, motor coaches emit significantly less carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide than airplanes, trains, and passenger cars (source).

As travelers utilize bus transportation over personal vehicle transportation, the number of cars on the road is decreased, meaning less emissions are introduced into the air. That is the most obvious positive impact, but there are many more environmental benefits to using a bus.

Positive Environmental Impacts of Renting a Bus

Here are some ways that buses help conserve energy and reduce air pollution:

  1. A bus with as few as seven passengers is more fuel-efficient than the average single-occupant auto used for commuting.
  2. The fuel efficiency of a fully occupied bus is six times greater than that of the average single-occupant auto.
  3. In terms of energy consumption per passenger mile (energy used to transport one passenger one mile), bus transit is more energy efficient.
  4. Buses use 8.7% less energy per passenger mile than a typical automobile.
  5. Buses emit only 20% as much carbon monoxide per passenger mile as a single-occupant auto.
  6. Buses emit only 10% as many hydrocarbons per passenger mile as a single-occupant auto.
  7. Buses emit only 75% as many nitrogen oxides per passenger mile as a single-occupant auto.

Using a bus is clearly an efficient way to move people per passenger mile while producing much less air pollution, as compared to moving a person one mile in a single-occupant vehicle.

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