While the traditional limo is a popular choice to rent for outings and events, the party bus option is becoming much more favorable for a number of reasons. The first reason is comfort. The ability to move unencumbered in a party bus makes it a great choice over a limo. Limos offer limited room to stand and maneuver. Additionally, those passengers with long dresses often find it difficult to enter and exit a limo. With a bus, entering and exiting is as easy as moving into or out of another room. The increased space of a party bus lends an air of comfort and doesn’t cause passengers to feel cramped due to the extra headroom.

In addition to increased comfort and convenience, the extra space of a party bus allows for more amenities to be available. Televisions, a beverage center, custom lighting, and more are possible extras found in party buses. These value-added amenities are certain to bring more excitement and entertainment options to your event, increasing the fun factor of your event in a party bus.

Renting a Party Bus vs. a Limo

With room to move, even room to dance, and the added luxuries a party bus offers, the choice is clear; if you want the best option available for your event, a party bus is the answer. With a custom horseshoe-shaped seating option, you and your fellow passengers will have the chance to enjoy the comforts of a party bus almost as though you were in your living room.

When you are out on the town celebrating a special occasion, choosing a party bus over a limo to drive you around allows you the extra freedom and convenience of more space to enjoy your time out and about.

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