Kids playing outdoors

Summer is the best time to get out, explore, and enjoy the rays of the season. It’s also a flexible time to take a trip with the church. Summer is a time when kids are out of school, the weather has people itching to get out of the office, and organizations are looking for summer volunteers who have more free time than during other parts of the year. Because of these factors, it is not unlikely that your church or others in the area are looking to coordinate serve teams and mission trips. Any local trip that you take with the church can be affordable with a shuttle bus rental. 

3 Summer Trips Your Church Can Afford with a Shuttle Rental

Shuttle rentals can drive anywhere a car can, but with a greater carrying capacity. Whether your church is planning a trip across the country or taking a drive to a different part of the state, transporting everyone in one vehicle is a breeze with a shuttle rental. We’ve come up with 3 summer church shuttle bus trips that you can afford.

Youth Trip

Summer is the best time to enlist the help of the church’s youth. Kids of all ages are out of school for a couple of months, and a fun way to keep them active and involved is by organizing a youth shuttle bus trip to a camp or just a day of activities. Statistics show that church attendance plummets during the summer months because the weather and outdoor activities are more appealing than being inside at church. Keep your youth engaged even when they’re out of school by planning a youth shuttle bus trip that capitalizes on the great outdoors. This helps to establish relationships between teens and God, teens and their peers, and teens and leaders. Teaching your church’s youth to serve the community and build relationships during their down time is easy with a shuttle rental. 

Family Trip

Families are huge in the church. Young families with young children and established families with older children make up the majority of a church’s demographic. Cultivate the Church and the relationships within by planning a family trip to serve the community. This shuttle trip would most likely be a daytime one, bringing groups together to grow in their individual relationships with God, as families, and with other believers. Organize a family shuttle trip that encourages healthy church growth, bonding, and serving the community as one great big family. 

Adult Trip

Summer mission trips are popular in churches. Many adults of all ages take advantage of the laid-back summer months to take part in international mission trips all over the world. What many don’t always realize is that you don’t have to leave the country to serve on a mission trip. There are people everywhere who need help and love and light. Help your church and others to organize a local or state-to-state adult trip to serve those who live in neighborhoods like your own, as well as neighborhoods that are different than your own. An adult shuttle trip is an excellent way to cultivate relationships, develop new friendships, encourage each other’s faith journey, and serve people just like you. 

Whether your shuttle trip is organized with only members of your church or with a community of church-goers from all over your town, the summer months are a great time to bring people together and serve a greater cause. Renting a shuttle makes transporting large groups easy and seamless, allowing more time for building community, developing relationships, and focusing on those in front of you.