Summer camp bus trp

One of the biggest decisions parents make is where to send their kids to summer camp. Whether they’re interested in sports, computers, or the great outdoors, there are camps out there to spark the imagination in any child. Once you’ve narrowed down where you’re sending your kids, the next step is how you’re getting them there. Many summer camps throughout the US offer buses and shuttles from convenient pickup and drop off points to ensure your children arrive safely.

A long bus trip to summer camp can make your children anxious and frustrated, especially if they’re away from home for the first time. Here are some tips for a successful summer camp bus trip that you can prepare for your kids or ensure are being offered by the bus or shuttle service you’re using.

5 Tips for a Summer Camp Bus Trip

Pack Snacks

Make sure to pack snacks and drinks if it’s longer than an hour bus trip. This gives kids a distraction during the trip, along with ensuring they’re not hungry or thirsty along the way which can lead them to get frustrated by the time they to get to camp.

Play Games

Games are a great way to engage children on a bus and time flies when you’re having fun. You can bring travel board games, have the whole bus play a round of the license plate game, or hold trivia contests around subjects they’ll participate in at camp.

Watch Movies

Movies are a surefire way to keep a kid’s attention during a longer bus trip to camp. Choose age appropriate movies that are light-hearted and funny to make the time pass quickly. You’ll be surprised to find that kids aren’t the only ones who enjoy movies on bus trips.

Use the Surroundings

Depending on where your children are heading for camp, the surroundings are a great way to encourage their curiosity about the world around them. Share historical facts, point out interesting looking buildings, and showcase how some areas are different than what they’re used to seeing. Plan ahead and know when to bring up interesting topics and showcase particular parts of the route to capture everyone’s imagination.

Let Kids Be Kids

One of the most overlooked ways to ruin a bus trip is to force kids to take part in games and other activities when they’re uncomfortable. Being away from home is hard for kids, and some of them deal with this by wanting to be left alone. If the bus trip is when they work through those issues in their heads, let them. There’s time to engage with other kids and have fun once they arrive at summer camp.

When it comes to the long road to summer camp, keeping your kids excited and engaged on the trip there can make that first day even more exciting. With planning ahead and keeping children entertained, you can make the bus trip to summer camp just as exciting as being at camp itself.