Coordinating transportation for a large group can be a bit challenging. If you have never set up a charter bus trip, there are some things you should know regarding what to expect when arranging a bus charter. Whether you are arranging a simple airport pickup or drop off, setting up a wedding charter, or planning transportation for a youth or student group event, some preparation is involved in order to get the most out of your bus charter.

Once you know the size of your group, the date(s) and destination, visit our vehicle specifications page and request a free, no obligation quote. You will need to have a good idea of the size of your group, considering some of our vehicles do not require the driver to hold a commercial driver’s license (CDL), while others do have that requirement. If your group is 15 passengers or less, you can rent a vehicle that does not require a CDL. Check out our handy mileage planner, and take a look at the various vehicles and upgrade options we have available.

What to Expect When Arranging a Bus Charter

We have several great options to choose from, including vehicles with winter features (like custom ski racks, snow tires, chains, and four wheel drive), audio/visual capabilities, beverage and snack stations, various luggage and seating configurations, and wheelchair access. Whatever your group’s specific needs are, don’t be afraid to ask; you can expect that Cornerstone Bus Leasing and Rentals will be able to accommodate all your special needs, and then some!

No matter what your bus rental or lease requirements are, when you need a professional bus leasing company with years of experience serving happy customers, you need to call Cornerstone Bus Leasing and Rentals at 844-4YOURBUS (844-496-8727) or contact us via email at We offer short-term or long-term rentals and fleet leasing options, and we promise to get you on the road in the right vehicle and the right leasing or rental agreement for you. We even offer a pickup and delivery service! When you need a bus rental, you can count on Cornerstone Bus Leasing and Rentals to deliver the best in the bus business.