Wine tour

With summer just around the corner, the opportunities for group activities are wide open. What better way to spend warm, summer days than in the company of new and old friends, enjoying life and seeing new sights? If you and your group of gals are looking for some time away from the kids, there’s no better day trip than a wine tour through the vineyards. With a bus rental, the luxurious lifestyle of limousines and exquisite wine is no longer just a fantasy. Get your girls together and hit the road for a wine tour you’ll never forget.

Rent a Bus and Hit the Road for a Wine Tour You'll Never Forget

Create Your Experience

Lasting memories start by creating an experience. Renting a bus for your wine tour allows you to choose exactly what you need to get the good times rolling. Shuttle buses are affordable and customizable, allowing you to decide everything from the size of the charter, to the passenger space and upholstery. Create an experience you’ll never forget by creating a bus rental that is perfect for your group to take a wine tour in. 

Benefits of a Bus

Once you’ve got your group and your shuttle, it’s time to hit the road, and start making memories. With a bus rental, everyone can ride together. Groups as small as 10 and as large as 36 can all travel in the same shuttle which eliminates the possibility of people getting lost or split up while car-pooling. Traveling together means that everyone has the same opportunities for conversations, laughter and stories, which brings the group together for fun before the planned fun begins. And because you’re headed to a wine tour, taking the group in a bus means that nobody will be driving, and everyone will be safely transported throughout the day. 

What to Expect

When your bus arrives to the first vineyard, you’ll all be able to tour the property, learn about the grapes and wine, and even sample various types of both. You will be taught the stages of making wine, and you may even get to mash some grapes for yourself. After the tour and tasting, you’ll have time to buy some of your favorite wines before getting back on the bus and moving to the next stop. Some wineries have gourmet meals, cheeses and snacks to pair with your wine tastings, while others have live music. One thing is for sure, no matter what the wineries offer, your wine tour will be one to remember with the comfort and luxury of your group’s custom shuttle bus rental.