Provided Renter Insurance

Don’t have access to commercial insurance? No Problem!

Wheelchair Accessible Vans:

$150.00/Day - $960.00/Week - $3,890.00/Mo

1-15 Passengers:

$300.00/Day - $1,720.00/Week - $4,460.00/Mo

16-27 Passengers:

$415.00/Day - $2,020.00/Week - $5,170.00/Mo 
(or 1-15 Passengers Wheelchair Accessible)

28-34 Passengers:

$500.00/Day - $2,400.00/Week - $6,040.00/Mo 
(or 16-27 Passengers Wheelchair Accessible)

35 Passengers +:

$660.00/Day - $3,400.00/Week - $8,550.00/Mo 
(or 28-34 Passengers Wheelchair Accessible)
Our insurance-included rental rates include basic minimum state mandated limits of liability insurance applicable to Authorized Drivers as stated on the Rental Agreement Physical Damage not included. Renter Insurance available on select rental Equipment only.
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