Calculating how much a bus rental will be involves a number of variables. Of course, there will be a fixed daily rate for the vehicle, but there are other factors that come into play which will impact the overall cost of any rental. To give you an idea of what costs are involved in bus rental pricing, here are a list of the fees and charges that may be applicable to your rental.


How Much is a Bus Rental


Vehicle rental rate – The type, size, and finish of the bus you choose will determine its daily rental rate. For example, specialty buses, such as an ADA certified bus or a 4x4 bus will differ in rate from a 16 to 29 passenger bus with a standard finish. As well, a bus with an upgraded or executive finish will have a higher rate.

Insurance – If you don’t carry commercial bus insurance, you’ll have to purchase insurance to cover the cost of any damage that may occur to the bus while in your care.

Mileage – The current per mile rate is 55 cents per mile. The total number of miles traveled by the bus during the rental term will be multiplied by this rate to bring you the mileage rate total. For example, 500 miles traveled would add $275 to the rental total.

Accessories and specialty options – There are many add-ons available for your bus rental. From ski racks and automatically deploying tire chains for winter to extra luggage space, trailer hitches, and custom graphics, you can outfit and upgrade your bus with many options. If you opt for any extras, they will also be added to your total.

Pick-up and delivery fees – We offer the option of delivering a rented bus to your location. At the end of your rental term, we will also pick it up. There is a $1.75 per mile charge from our location in Sedalia, CO to your location. For example, if you opt for delivery to an address 200 miles from our facility, the charge for that service will be $350.

We hope this helps you understand bus rental pricing a little better and answers the question, “how much is a bus rental?” For specific rates, please contact us at (303) 683-3551 or (844) 4YOURBUS (844-496-8728), or email us at