Need a luxury bus for that special occasion coming up soon? Maybe you need to rent a luxury shuttle for your wedding. Whether it's for a special occasion, or if you’re business is looking to rent buses or multiple shuttles, Cornerstone Bus Leasing and Rentals has you covered. We have a variety of vehicles and options to help fit your transportation needs. 

While we do have CDL-required vehicles, we also rent buses in our fleet that do not require CDL licenses to operate. Our non-CDL buses can hold up to 15 passengers and can include a rear luggage compartment for your convenience. We can also provide buses to rent with luggage racks, custom made ski racks, wheelchair lifts, and so much more. It's our hope that no matter what your need for a bus, Cornerstone will be able to fulfill your transportation requirements. We will have the perfect vehicle for you, and the right leasing or rental structure to accommodate your application.

Are you a business owner that needs a better advantage over your competition by renting buses? At Cornerstone Bus Leasing and Rentals, we offer vehicle marketing and advertising graphics. Imagine one of our bus rentals with your business graphic going down the road for so many to see! We would love to partner with you to make sure your business is successful, and our graphics affiliate, Big Picture Graphics, can make your vehicle a rolling billboard to market your business or organization anywhere you travel.

Whenever you rent or lease one of our buses, you will always get the option to upgrade. We offer comfort and safety upgrades to all of our bus rentals providing you a step up from the typical passenger or luxury van rentals. In every case, we can guarantee that our buses will be presented to you in top-notch condition. If you’re looking for luxury bus rentals or other products, please feel free to contact us at (303) 683-3551. We look forward to working with you soon!

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