Buses are becoming more and more practical for all types of transportation needs. Where carpooling can separate everyone, Bus Rentals allow your family, friends, or group to all travel together, and in most cases, save you money. Whether you’re taking a day in the big city or you’re traveling someplace entirely new, bus rentals should be on your radar. Here are a few reasons your spring travel plans should include a bus rental.


Traveling This Spring in Style in a Bus Rental



With the advances in suspensions and seating configurations, the truth is minibuses and van rentals can be extremely comfortable, more relaxing, and you get more amenities aboard a bus than in a car. Not only that, but you’ll actually be able to plan that trip for a large group of friends rather than having to choose between vacations. One more consideration is the convenience of finding vehicles that accommodate luggage storage, and/or wheelchair accessibility so everyone in the group can enjoy the trip with ease.


Splitting bus rental fees amongst your group can be far less expensive than renting cars or even driving your own. If you want the ultimate group experience without shelling out a ton of money, bus rental companies are the way to go.

More Scenic

Something catches your eye on the side of the road – don’t hesitate, just pull off and go check it out. With everyone in one vehicle, these experiences become more enjoyable, less stressful, and make the most of driving through new, unchartered territories. The sense of freedom grows when an entire group is in one vehicle. With large, open viewing windows, not much is lost while on the road.

Planning a spring trip is fun, but the trip itself will be much more economical and exciting if you consider renting a bus to get you there with Cornerstone Bus Rentals. Just give us a call today at 844-4YOURBUS (844-496-8727) or contact us via email at info@cornerstonebusleasing.com and we will happily customize a rental or leasing option just for you.