Bus Delivery/Pick Up

Ready to rent or lease a bus and are wondering how to get it to your location? With Cornerstone Bus Leasing and Rentals, we take care of all the shipping logistics so you don't have to. With our bus delivery and bus pick up services, rest assured that you’ll have your bus ready to use when and where you need it and be confident you’re your vehicle will be automatically retrieved when your rental or lease is up. We’re proud to offer full service when it comes to renting and leasing with us, and getting the vehicle to you is an important part of that process

Our delivery and pick up services are affordable for everyone, here are our rates:

- Seasonal Leases: $2.00/mile
- Long-Term Leases and Rentals: $1.75/mile
We can drive your bus to you and ensure that you have an easy delivery and/or pickup experience when renting or leasing a bus through Cornerstone. If you have any questions about pick or delivery, give us a call to go over options and give you an accurate estimate of what it will cost to bring your vehicle to/from the destination most convenient for you. We can also go over bus options and features when we arrive, to ensure you’re getting a full-service delivery for your next operation.
Cornerstone is here to help you with all your bus rental and leasing needs, including delivery and pickup. Once we help you choose the right type of bus, leasing or rental structure, and timeframe, we can help with any other important decisions that you need to make to provide an effortless and seamless experience. Cornerstone offers a variety of buses, including CDL and non-CDL vehicles to help with your needs. If you need extra features, such as an ADA-accessible bus, we can provide that, too.
Cornerstone ensures every client has a positive experience when renting or leasing a bus. We offer delivery and pickup services because we make it easy! If you’re ready to rent or lease a bus for your next big outing, business season, or long-term fleet leasing needs, give us a call and we’ll get you on the way to the bus you need.
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