Shuttle Bus Leasing and Rentals

Leasing a bus, van, or vehicle from Cornerstone Bus is a great option to get you started with the perfect solution for your company or organization. Leasing buses from Cornerstone provide an approachable introductory cost and a competitive monthly rate while allowing you to treat the vehicle as an expense from an accounting perspective.

Cornerstone Bus Leasing and Rentals is here to guide you to the best possible bus leasing solution. We can help for a month, a season, or years depending on what your bus needs are. We have a variety of bus types to help meet your needs and once we narrow down what vehicle type works best, we can work with you on a leasing contract that’s affordable and competitive. Cornerstone will help you narrow down the right bus to lease from the moment you give us a call or ask for a quote. We offer a variety of bus configurations and features to ensure a comfortable ride.

We have vehicles on hand that need a commercial driver license and others that don’t need a CDL at all. We have lease buses that including any number of the following features:

  • Luggage areas
  • Trailer receivers and wiring
  • Wheelchair lifts
  • Perimeter seating
  • Special wheels and tires
  • Custom seating configurations
  • Exterior and interior racks and storage
  • Audio and video solutions

Our non-CDL buses offer up to 15 passenger seats and a rear luggage compartment. Our CDL buses offer much more seating, so we’re sure we can find a perfect fit for your bus leasing needs. You can afford a bus lease, we can help you pick out the right bus to do just that, has functionality, and works for you or your business.

If you want to find out which vehicle is right for you and are considering leasing a bus, contact us today. We’ll go over your needs, offer our suggestions, and work with you to find the perfect fit. Whether you’re looking to lease short-term, seasonally, or long-term, Cornerstone is here to ensure your bus leasing needs are met beyond expectations for a smooth and comfortable ride.

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