Seasonal Bus Leasing

Seasonal bus leasing is a great way to keep your transportation expenses contained during the times that you have inbound revenue and are putting your transportation to work.

Here is a review are some of the advantages of the Cornerstone Bus seasonal lease:

  • In exchange for a longer multi-annual commitment, the lease rate we are able to offer is lower substantially - the longer the commitment, the lower the rate.
  • The vehicle is delivered to you in top-notch operational and cosmetic condition each season and customized for your application, removing the scheduling and allocation of resources for maintenance and preparation for your application.
  • Pricing for the current model year at the time of execution of the lease is effectively locked down for the entirety of the lease. So, if you were to go with a 3-year option, for example, your pricing in the third season of your lease would be based on this year’s model year pricing. Comparatively, if you go with a single-season option, your pricing will most-likely increase each season, as the model year pricing for the vehicle drives the lease pricing higher each year.

An additional “hidden value” that our seasonal customers enjoy lies in the fact that our business model tends to push replacement of our seasonal leasing fleet vehicles faster than the majority of our seasonal terms indicate. Much of this is driven by our mutual desire to keep the vehicle under original manufacturer’s warranty while in our leasing fleet, however, other factors of fleet allocation and optimization of vehicle fleet life tend to produce an average of two years for vehicles in our seasonal fleet.

Many businesses opt to buy a bus or van and let it sit idle for most of the year, utilizing it only during busy season. Why invest in a vehicle and spend money on gas, insurance, maintenance during the year when it’s not in use? By leasing a vehicle, you get actual use out of it when you need it the most and don’t have to pay for it sitting in a parking lot or in a garage the rest of the year. If this sounds like a more affordable solution, it is!

Cornerstone Bus Leasing and Rental will help you determine if a seasonal bus lease is right for your business or personal needs. We’ll work your needs, budget, and timeframe to ensure you have the right transportation bus for your season. If you need features and functionality, we can work with you to ensure you have those, too. No matter what your seasonal bus leasing needs are, Cornerstone is ready, willing, and able to help.

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