Please see the items below for the specialty vehicle rentals that Cornerstone Bus Leasing & Rentals have to offer.

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Specialty Vehicle Rental

Specialty Vehicles

3-6 Passenger Wheelchair Van Rental


If you are looking for a small 3-6 passenger wheelchair van rental, we have what you are looking for. Cornerstone has multiple models and styles of wheelchair accessible vehicles in compact shapes and sizes to accommodate both wheelchair passengers and seated passengers alike. This wheelchair van rental provides accessible transportation for anyone that has wheelchair needs that demand one of the safest specialty vehicles on the market today.

Specialty Vehicle Rental

ADA Compliant Wheelchair Accessible

One of our safest specialty vehicle rentals is ADA compliant that doesn’t require a CDL to operate. This is a 12 + 2 vehicle, meaning that it seats 12 non-wheelchair passengers (including the driver) as well as two wheelchair-bound passengers who enter from via a ramp at the rear and on the passenger/curbside of the vehicle. This option is also available with many of the upgrades as well as a variety of different rental and leasing choices. We guarantee that your wheelchair bound passengers will travel in safety and comfort.

4*4 Specialty Bus Rental


Maybe you are looking for a different type of specialty vehicle rental and are traveling in a place that tends to be more aggressive terrain than the common road? In this case, you may need a 4x4 vehicle. These vehicles are good for all weather traveling as well.  These vehicles were designed to go over rocks, mud, and other environmental obstacles. This option tends to get leased or rented on a frequent basis, so please contact us to see if we have a 4x4 vehicle in stock for the time of your lease or rental.