Seasonality is a major factor when it comes to deciding which features are necessary for your individual shuttle bus needs. Cornerstone Bus Leasing and Rentals offers upgraded vehicle finish features to accommodate every passenger and travel plans.  Rear mounted ski racks are a practical addition to every shuttle that will travel winter roads and accommodate winter sports enthusiasts of all kinds. Cornerstone Bus Leasing and Rentals has several rear mounted ski racks available to choose from and offers custom racks that can be built to suit all of your needs. 

Cornerstone Bus Leasing and Rentals provides passengers with the exceptional comfort and luxury that is standard with all of our vehicles. The addition of a rear-mounted ski rack to your shuttle bus allows you to maximize the storage capability of your rental. Storing winter sports gear inside of the shuttle can cause harm to your equipment and require passengers to maneuver around the gear that is stored inside of the vehicle.

If the driving conditions cause the shuttle to respond quickly, it’s likely that passengers’ belongings and equipment could become hazardous to the driver and to those riding. By storing skis, snowboards and additional gear on the outside of the vehicle, passengers inside have more freedom of movement and comfort for the full extent of travel.

Not all ski racks are the same. Construction and technology have led to innovative storage solutions that have changed the game for transportation vehicles. Whether you’re looking for a basic ski rack or a complex storage rack for the rear of your shuttle, Cornerstone Bus Leasing and Rentals has plenty to choose from. We have multiple rear mounted racks that are ready to be installed. Upon request, our certified staff is also capable of reconstructing a ski rack that accommodates all of your transportation needs. 

At Cornerstone Bus Leasing and Rentals, our goal is to satisfy the bus rental and leasing needs of every customer. Our extensive variety of upgrade options is why we are one of the leading lenders in the country of shuttle bus vehicles.